Shared Services Solutions Membership & Merchandise Management

SSS employs unique fundraising methods through its programs: Membership, Merchandise and Growth Funding with outstanding results both in Australia and internationally

In a time of financial tightness, the need for professional handling of Membership and Merchandise is more critical than ever.

What Is Membership About?


This may sound a bit deep and meaningful when we’re talking about clubs and fans, but fortunately these are passionate people. They have a heart and we need to touch their heart in order to get them to want to walk the road with us.

So this is what we have successfully used as a basis for our communication with club supporters in order to convince them to make that step forward and sign up as a member, this year and again in the future:

  • Membership is about community
  • It’s about emotional attachments.
  • It’s about the fun and enjoyment of being part of it.
  • It’s about experiencing the emotional ups and downs of these things.
  • Above all else, membership is about belonging.