Shared Services Solutions Membership & Merchandise Management

SSS employs unique fundraising methods through its programs: Membership, Merchandise and Growth Funding with outstanding results both in Australia and internationally

Every club’s primary financial goal should be to build Membership into its No.1 sponsor

Does It Work?


The pictures and the statistics tell the story best. Certainly there are several factors that contribute to the acquisition of new members, but the following example and the results history are indicative of the thinking that was behind all elements of the membership programs in each of these cases.

In the mid 90’s, when this group first started working on membership projects, the prevailing notion was that club interest was focused on the team, so that membership interest should follow suit. As a result, all membership material were heavy on player and on ground imagery and idiom, but light on member images and the imagery and issues that relate specifically to members. With our work (and success in generating record membership numbers) first at Hawthorn FC, then St Kilda FC, more and more clubs, as well as the AFL, have moved their membership focus.