Shared Services Solutions Membership & Merchandise Management

SSS employs unique fundraising methods through its programs: Membership, Merchandise and Growth Funding with outstanding results both in Australia and internationally

In a time of financial tightness, the need for professional handling of Membership and Merchandise is more critical than ever.

Membership Services We Provide



Full access to the expertise of David Friend and his experienced team


Sales and Marketing Strategy

Detailed sales and marketing strategies developed for membership and merchandise


Membership Packages

Design and development of membership packages and select and purchase all products


Online / Website Facilities

Our website partner provides the premier online membership, retail shop, subscription management and event registration system available today. We can provide membership/subscription, merchandise solutions, event registration and communication solutions to almost any organisation


Creative Concepts

Develop the creative execution of concept strategies. We can provide creative, art direction and design to develop your membership brochures, merchandise catalogues and coordinate all artwork o completion stage.



We can provide a full printing service for all brochures, application forms, flyers etc.



We can develop, design and coordinate printing of membership tickets.


Mail House Facilities

Shared Services Solutions can provide a fulfillment service to all of its clients. All orders received or processed by SSS can be fulfilled, packaged and mailed to the customer in conjunction with our mail house partner.


Call Centre Services

Shared Services Solutions can provide a full call centre operation, including both in and outbound services in conjunction with our call centre partner.