Shared Services Solutions Membership & Merchandise Management

SSS employs unique fundraising methods through its programs: Membership, Merchandise and Growth Funding with outstanding results both in Australia and internationally

The potential to generate major income streams from Membership and Merchandising will only be realised by experienced experts

I believe we have achieved some really positive growth over the past year both in numbers but also in Membership awareness. One example is the Members March. Last season when we were going into the Grand Final I struggled to get 100 members on board as they didn’t want to do it (march). This season I had 500 members register on a day where if we lost we would come 14th (on the ladder). I asked them why they were so keen to be involved and got this response: “We don’t care about winning or losing, we are Members regardless and love the Club. We are here no matter what!” Mission accomplished boys!

Corporate Sales & Membership Manager