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Institute of Public Affairs

The Institute of Public Affairs is a free market think tank based in Melbourne. As a not-for-profit, we are entirely reliant on the financial support of our members and donors to fund our work. Membership is central to our long-term financial security.

David Friend came on board in March 2012. At the time we had only just started to really prioritise membership and we had 1,426 paying members. As of today, just over one year later, the IPA now has 3,355 members, an increase of more than 100%. We comfortably exceeded the stretch targets that we set for ourselves.

This membership growth did not occur because of discounting or other gimmicks. It is the result of a structured, strategic and holistic membership program devised by David in conjunction with our own staff. Although David has extensive experience working with sporting clubs, he was easily able to adapt his strategies to suit our unique needs.

The most important point that David has helped us realise is that membership is a whole of organisation activity – it can’t just be one or two people. Everyone at the IPA now understands that it is their responsibility to help grow the membership, not just those staff who work in the membership team. David played an important advisory role in setting up our membership team and ensuring we had the processes in place to recruit and retain members.

David has also been an important source of motivation and direction for us. Although we had for years talked about doing a proper membership brochure, it was David that drove us to get it done. David’s regular contact with IPA staff helps keep us focused on our goals and working towards them. David has been tremendous for the IPA. We could not have achieved such membership growth without his support and encouragement.


Executive Director
John Roskam